Employers want to promote employee health and wellness as part of a health benefits communication strategy to:

  • Improve plan utilization
  • Increase awareness that leads to healthier decision-making and
  • Reduce health care costs for everyone.

Discover the BlueResource Communication Program — a library of turnkey wellness communications that current employer group clients can use to create or supplement employee health care communications. Artwork, e-banners and text can be added to print or electronic employee communications including e-mails, newsletters or a company's intranet site.

Easy to Distribute

Distribute the files electronically, cut and paste copy from the Word documents to add to existing company communications or print from the PDFs.

Booklet Topics

  • Dental Health
  • Emotional Health and Wellness
  • Fit for Work
  • Health and Wellness
  • Health Care Common Sense
  • Health Observances
  • Health Screenings
  • Healthy at Home
  • Healthy Tips
  • Preventive Health
  • Stress Management
  • Walking
  • Worksite Wellness and Health Fair Toolkit

View and Download BlueResource Files

Log in to Blue Access for EmployersSM and visit the Employer Communications tab within the Employer Resources section, or contact your Blue Cross and Blue Shield representative to view and download BlueResource files.

Are you looking for a health care insurer for your company or organization?

Contact us to learn more about the positive results you can expect from BlueResource and why Blue Cross and Blue Shield, the most trusted name in the industry, is the right choice for your business and your employees.

BlueResource is provided as a service to our employer groups and our members. BlueResource files may be used "as is" or co-branded with an employer group logo. (Contact your Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana (BCBSMT) representative for information on co-branding.) With the exception of Word documents (copy), the files should not be manipulated or modified; all changes to a document should be approved by BCBSMT representatives prior to use. Any use of the BCBSMT logo, other than in the documents as provided, must also be approved in advance. Photographs and images should not be used or extracted from any document and must be used in the document "as is."